Característica: Material nylon

R-1023 Foldable backpack

R-1294SL Practical backpack

R-1294WS Mochila aventura

R-1297GC Trolley plegable gris

R-1325SL Foldable Bag

R-1326SL Shoulder bag

R-1387SL Nylon wallet

R-1421GC Portabilletes Never Stop Travelling

R-1421SL Wallet

R-1494 Mochila antirrobo

R-1500GC Mochila Traveller gris

R-658WS Portadocumentos

R-783 Beauty bag

R-1093 Trolley backpack

R-1221 Portabilletes con bolsa plegable

R-123 Mochila gran capacidad

R-1259 Foldable bag – Document Holder

R-1326MC Shoulder bag

R-1357MC Smart backpack

R-1378SL Wallet

R-1393 Nylon Trolley

R-1394AC Backpack great comfort

R-1418AC Nylon wallet

R-1421WS Portadocumentos varios bolsillos

R-1509 Funda para tablet/portátil con portadocumentos

R-363 Document holder world map

R-44 Shoulder bag

R-640 Document holder

R-658 Document holder

R-81 Nylon document holder

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